Because every homeowner is disturbed by insects or mice which occasionally get into the house, Albie has developed a specialized service – to solve any immediate problems, and more importantly, to help prevent problems in the future.

The Albie Seasonal Pest Plan: Common household pests enter your home in a variety of ways. You can bring roaches into your home with the groceries, in prepackaged produce or other products. Ants, silverfish, firebrats and mice enter through tiny cracks or crevices, seeking food or shelter. Fleas and ticks come in on your pet. Other common household pests such as spiders, millipedes, centipedes, beetles and crickets enter in a variety of ways that are difficult to detect. Albie has a unique plan to solve all these problems (and many more) all year round.

Seasonal changes create different pest problems throughout the year. One-time treatments rarely result in permanent solutions. Only through a consistent, effective program of seasonal monitoring and timely intervention will a home remain pest-free.

When you become a member of our seasonal service plan, your home will be evaluated by a state certified technician. We will personalize a Service Plan to meet the specific pest control needs of your home. Your home will be scheduled for preventive service before it is most vulnerable to pest invasion.

Outside, we identify and service potential entry points, particularly around windows, doors, attic and foundation. Our trained professionals provide effective barriers designed to keep pests from venturing inside. We may also make suggestions that can help make your home less attractive to pest infestations.

Inside, our program focuses on detecting early signs of pests before an infestation occurs. Our certified technicians use monitoring and trapping devices as the first line of defense inside of your home. Treatment is needed only where pests hide, live and breed. By pinpointing these areas, pesticide application is minimized in your living areas, out of contact with children, pets and food. So, with our seasonal program, if it seems you’re getting fewer pesticides in your home, you’re right. However, you’ll also have far fewer destructive pests.

Our seasonal plan covers: Resident Pests including pavement ants, silverfish, roaches, waterbugs; Pantry Pests such as moths, weevils, and beetles; Home Invader Pests such as spiders, millipedes, centipedes, crickets. Plus, many more household insect pests. Emergency treatment for target pests will be rendered FREE of charge.

With our seasonal pest control program, you can rest assured that your home is protected year-round.